Sydney Crosby

I want to talk in this post about Sydney Crosby that in my opinion is the best player in Hockey today and is a Canadian, most of the analysts are comparing him to Wayne Gretzky that is the greatest player in Canada Hockey.


Crosby reached this a week a major and significant milestone of 1,000 points that only the greatest players in the game did, most of them are in the Hall of Fame.  He did it only in 757 games that are faster than a lot of than a lot of legends of the game did. This is an amazing achievement that not all the players reaching it, this is is an exclusive club of elite players that Crosby joined this week rightfully. This is another achievement in his amazing career and he still has a couple of more years to play. Crosby had a lot of bad luck during his career with a lot of injuries that made him miss a lot of games, this affected his stats which could have been greater in his 12th season and could have reached this milestone a couple of seasons ago. I hope that he won”t get injured and his lack would change which will allow him to add another awards and stats to his already amazing and legendary career. He showed everyone what he can do when he his healthy when he had an amazing season ago, winning the Stanley Cup and being the MVP of the Finals and winning the gold medal with Team Canada, doing it with style and having amazing performance.


Also on the center stages of the Olympic and world Tournament, he is the main focus of the Canada teams. From the start of his career,  he led the Canada teams to achievements and winning the first place in almost in every big tournament that he was involved in. He showing his greatness by that he come through in a big way every time that Team Canada or Pittsburgh needs a goal or someone to lift them when the struggled.


He has couple more season to play and I think that he will win the Stanley cup again and not retire with only two Stanley Cups and will add another Olympic medal or two if they will let NHL players participate. This season there is a dispute if to let the NHL players play in the Olympics, the NHL management currently leading to not let them play because of the injuries, that that might occur during the Olympics and it will affect the next season and hurts the teams. This is currently in discussion and I hope that in the end, the will let the NHL play in the next Olympic.


In my opinion, he is the greatest and best hockey player in the world today because of his devotion to the game and his hard work habits. When I read interviews with his teammates they always pray him and say how much his desire to win is strong, even in practice he doesn’t want to loose. He got the desire to always improve his game and get better every game, he always looking ahead and even when he reached the amazing milestone of 1,000 he took a moment to appreciate the achievement and carried on in the objective to get another Stanley Cup for Pittsburgh.

He also has an attribute that is modesty like the greatest players have, including Wayne Gretzky and other elite players in the league and in the Hall of Fame. Which in my opinion, is the most important quality that separates the real greatest players of the game. He gets to these amazing achievements in the NHL and on the world stages and considered in the same breath with Wayne Gretzky that is a legend in Canada, but he doesn’t brag about it and continues to play hard and to help  Canada in the Olympic or Pittsburgh with whatever they need from him. In the interviews that I read he always praise his teammates even when the won the Stanley Cup or in the Olympics with team Canada. He never took all the credit and always acknowledge his teammate’s contribution to the success of the team. He doesn’t afraid to play hard and to get hit or to play a tough physically game that fair, he does what the team need and always come through when it is most important time for his team or to the Canada team. His Team or Team Canada know that they can trust that when it will matter the most he will come through in a big way.


Another attribute that I love about him is that he is a team player and he never thinks that he is above the team and do what the team needs. He thinks first of the team need and afterward, on his statics. A lot of his points comes from his assist to his teammates and if there is a player that has a better chance to score he will pass to him, he won”t force the shot by himself. Also, he talks a lot to the young players in Pittsburgh and shares his experience with them on how to get better and improve their game. He is a quiet leader that leads by example, he does all the aspects of the games that they team needs without talking on it.  You can see in Team Canada or in Pittsburgh that he always talks with his teammates and push them to play hard, he always push the team forward and if he sees bad plays or not enough effort he will talk to the player gently and in a pleasant and friendly manner. If he has an advice to a player then he will say it in a gentle manner. His teammate appreciates him for it, he is a great teacher to the young players that adore him.


You can see how great he his when you can read all the players in the league and the huge respect that he get from each player and not only his teammates, every player when asked about Crosby respect and pray him.  You can”t leave him alone, he is so dangerous that he can score from anywhere and whenever he want, he doesn’t need much to score or to set up a scoring opportunity for his teammates. He is one of the most respected players in the NHL and you can see it from analysts or anyone that involved in the game and even great players that made it to the Hall of Fame, everyone praise his amazing abilities and skills.


Crosby is already a legend and considered as a great player like Gretzky that is considered the best Canadian player ever. If he would have been healthy most of the time so his number would have been greater, but it”s part of the game the injuries. I excited and glad and blessed to have a chance to see him play.  I think that he will add more titles to his amazing and legendary career that he already has, in the NHL and in the World stages. For me he is the best player in the world by far and a legend In the Canadian Hockey History, I think that he is giving Canada a lot of pride and a great role model for all the young players.

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