The signing of Patrick Marleau in Toronto

In this post, I want to talk about Patrick Marleau signing with Toronto to a three year contract. What I think of this move and how it will affect the team next year and in the next three years.

In my opinion, this is a huge signing that the Leafs will only benefit from. I was reading a couple of comments of fans that said that he is too old and that Toronto agreed to too much money but Personally, I think that they are wrong.  It’s true that he is 38 and not a young player but he still has a lot of skills and talent that makes him a dangerous player in the league. In my opinion, he still has a couple of years to play and to contribute to the game of hockey before he will retire as one of the best and will get into the Hall of Fame. I think that he is worth every dollar that Toronto paid him and he will be a great addition to this franchise.

I think that Toronto will only benefit from this move in two aspects. One aspect is that they are getting a player that is one of the best players that played this game and will be in the hall of fame. He is very dangerous and always a threat in the offensive zone. In my opinion, Babcock should put him in a line with Matthews and Nylander and then Toronto will have one of the best combinations in the league. It will be a monster and explosive one which will give Toronto a lot of tools on offense and an amazing scoring line. In my opinion, it will be a line that all teams will fear because of the amazing talent and skills of these three players which will force their opponents to be on their toes. It will make Toronto into a great team which other teams will need to take into account and will make a lot of troubles for the opponent. Also a playoff team and maybe an even contender for taking the East.

The second aspect is that Patrick Marleau has a lot of experience that he gained in his 19 years in the league. He can be a great mentor for the young talented players which will help them improve their game and take the next step. I think that this is a great opportunity for the young players to learn from one of the best players that played this game and to learn from his experience. I was reading an interview with one of his teammates in San Jose and two things from the interview that he mentioned are his quiet leadership and mentoring. He said that he is leading by example and doing everything right, without any bragging and I totally agree. I loved to see him play and his attitude toward the game. I am sure that he will bring his experience and leadership to Toronto and also will be a great mentor for the young players. I was glad to read that he is excited to be a Leaf as he is a Canadian born player and also played for Babcock in the Canada Olympic team.

In my opinion, this is a huge and amazing move that Babcock and the management did. I think that he will be a great mentor for the young talented players of Toronto and will add another great scoring power on the offense. I think that he will help the young and talented players to take the next step and they will learn a lot from his enormous experience in the league. In the addition of Patrick Marleau, I think that Toronto has become a great threat in the league and I think that they can go farther this year. Hopefully, they can reach the conference semi-finals and maybe make it to the conference finals.

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