William Nylander

In this post, I will want to talk about William Nylander who was a rookie in Toronto Maple Leaf last season. With Auston Matthews and Mitchell Marner and Zach Hyman, and James Van Riemsdyk they are taking Toronto to amazing success. But this blog I will talk only on  William Nylander.

He is one of the leaders of the team and in my opinion one of the cornerstone of the team. He has always delivered and a lot of times while Matthew and Marner when on a slump, he carried the team in scoring. He is doing all the little things that the teams need to get the wins.

I think that he has amazing skills and abilities that make him a star in Toronto and the league. He will only get better and will emerge as a superstar in the league. He can handle the puck very well and has great scoring abilities that make him very dangerous in the offensive zone, especially near the net.

What I admire in him that he is playing great and his game his consist, you know that you will get from him his A game every night. He will always play hard and will do what the team asks him.

He will do it quietly, and without talking about it, he will do the talking on the ice. I think that it’s a very important quality that shows the confidence and the professionalism of the player, he and Toronto know what he means to this amazing young and talented team.

In my opinion, he is one of the four amazing rookies that leads Toronto to success this season. I think that he will only get better during his career, he will gain more experience that will help him in his development.  He showed his amazing talent in the world tournament last year when he led Sweden to a gold medal over Canada and broke my heart. I was a little befall that it was him that won the gold medal and gave me a little comfort.

I think that Toronto needs to sign him for multiple year contracts that he can lead Toronto to success and bring Toronto back to their glorious days. He is one of the four rookies that in my opinion is carrying the team this year. They need to resign him and secure his place in Toronto as he will emerge as a star in Toronto.


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