Auston Matthew

In this post, I want to talk about Auston Matthew who is a rookie that came this year to the league. He is on the Toronto Maple Leafs, taking the league by storm and is only 19 years old. Even though he is an American, I will write a blog for him because he plays for Toronto, that is my team for life.This is probably not the only blog that I will write about him in his career. There will be more in the future.

He is blessed with amazing skating skills and abilities. He has an amazing speed that makes him very dangerous in the offensive zone. He can scores goals anytime and you need always to keep track of where he is on the ice. Now he is in a little of drought in scoring goals but I am sure that he will bounce back soon. He is leading the team and with Mitch Marner and JVR, they are making an amazing front line that makes Toronto a high scoring team and very dangerous. They are the first line and in my opinion one of the most dangerous combinations in the league. The other lines are also great with all the rookies and the veterans but this line I think is the most dangerous one.

He has great orientation in the offensive zone and especially near the net and he always knows where to be in order to get the rebounds. He has a great shot, great velocity, and a very accurate one.

He also has an amazing ability to control and hold onto the puck in the offensive zone when it’s crowded and there is a lot of traffic. A couple of times I saw him scoring when he fell or when there were players around him. I also saw a lot of acrobatic goals from him.

From the start when he scored four goals in his debut in the NHL which is a record for a rookie, you could see his potential. All the opposing players respect and fear him because of his abilities in the offensive zone. He has amazing respect from the league which is amazing for a rookie.

What I like about him also is that he is a team player and does what the coach asks from him, or whatever the team needs. He isn’t afraid to play physical game if it’s necessary for the team to get the win. He isn’t afraid to get hit or block shots if needed. He has the mentality of a shooter but he also plays for his teammate and for the team. He thinks first of the success of the team before his own. I think that it’s a very important quality and I admire this quality in him.

He has a mentality that only the great players have which is modesty and devotion to the game. He is also always looking to improve his game. Mike Babcock always praises him and thinks highly of him. He has the potential of being a great player and to emerge as a superstar in the league. He is already a superstar but he has potential to be one of the best players in the league.

In my opinion, he will emerge as a superstar in the NHL in the years to come. Even in his rookie year, you can see his potential. He has amazing skills and abilities that only will get better in time. He has the mentality and potential to be one of the greatest players in the league and in the history of the NHL. I feel blessed to see him develop and I think that he will lead the Maple Leafs to great seasons and to be again at the top of the league. I hope that Toronto will sign him after this year to a long-term contract and he will lead Toronto to success in the years to come.

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