Edmonton Oilers

This post I will dedicate to the Edmonton Oilers, which is a young team that building itself like Toronto. They are building their team of a young core of talented players with veterans players around them which will lead and guide them.

Edmonton is like Toronto in the aspect that the last couple of years both of them were in the bottom of the league. They didn’t have any chance of playoff and was one of the worst teams in the league, but this year Edmonton emerged to be one of the top teams in the western conference and their division. They got Connor Mcdavid two years ago at the first pick which changes the direction of the franchise. They built around him a core of talented and young players that made the foundation to the roster of the team. This roster led the team to great success in the last two years and the first playoff in ten years. All the credit should go to Wayne Gretzky and the management which is doing an amazing job in leading the franchise to great success.

Like in Toronto I think that the administration of the team and Wayne Gretzky are doing a fantastic job of balancing the roster between great young talents and veteran players that can teach and guide them, Toronto also doing a great job but I think that Edmonton is doing better in this area. Also, you can see it in the standing that Edmonton is at the top of their division and in the western conference. I see a lot of games in Edmonton, and I can see their desire to win and that they play hard every game and every shift.

I think that the main advance of Edmonton is the amazing skills and speed of their team, also great skill of managing the pucks even in the offensive zone when it’s crowded. I think that Edmonton has great balance in their team. They have a great offense that is leading by Connor McDavid who leads the league in assists and points, also great defense and goaltending by Cam Talbot. I think that Edmonton built a complete team with great advances over the other teams but their main weakness is the young core of talented players that they have, but it is also advance in the aspect of the long run in building the team. I think that the fact that the team is so successful despite the young core of the team is because of the coaching staff and management, for that they deserve a big credit.

Another thing that  I admire in the team is their endurance and resistance during the game, they can fall behind in the match, and they don’t panic and continue playing their game. I see a lot of games that Edmonton fall behind but keep playing their games and comes from behind to win the games, it”s a quality that most young teams don’t have and the credit should go to the coaching staff. Also, they know how to play with the lead that is very important in the league.

I think that, if Edmonton will keep this core of players and build around them like Toronto is doing so their future is also will be bright and they will have success in years to come. I trust and have faith in Wayne Gretzky and the management that they will continue with the same mindset that they start this year. I saw it this postseason that they signed Connor Mcdavid and Draisaitil to a long-term contract which was a brilliant and important move in securing these two amazing players as the cornerstones of the franchise and securing their future in Edmonton. I think that the move that Gretzky and the management are doing is essential and crucial moves to secure Edmonton future.

If they will continue with this direction, so the sky is the limit, and we will have another Canadian team that will have great success in the league in the next years to come.

I am a devoted Toronto Maple Leaf fan and will always be no matter what, but I love to watch this young team play. I like to see another young Canadian team that builds itself on a core of young and talented players and thinking about the long run, not tempted to do things only for the present but thinking about the future. I love to see them succeed and hopefully will get higher in the standings and the playoffs and if they continue with the same mindset, they will have a great future.

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