A look at 2017-2018 Edmonton season

I this post, I want to talk about the new season of the Edmonton and my insights for the new season.

I think that Edmonton had a fantastic year last season with incredible success which led them to the playoffs and the second round. I believe that the loss to Anaheim was a devastating one, but they will learn from it and build on it for next season. Edmonton has an amazing roster of talented young players that can lead them this season to another incredible year.

I was thrilled to see that they signed Mcdavid and Draisaitl to a multi-year contract and secured them on the Edmonton roster for the next few years. In my opinion, they are fantastic players with incredible talents that can carry the team in the next few years to great success. In my opinion, they also need to sign Ryan Nugent-Hopkins to a multi-year contract, and then they will have a fantastic trio of talented players that will lead them in the next few years. Now they need to keep the supporting cast and Edmonton will have a fantastic team in years to come and will be a contender for the Stanley Cup and hopefully, will win it in this year or the next few years.

I didn’t have a chance to see Edmonton games in the preseason, so I don’t have real insights of their games, but I think that I know enough from last season. I was following them as I was reading the recap and interviews of the games and I believe that they have the same mentality and the looked good as they seem ready to start the season and to pick it off from where the last season ended. I believe that they will strive from last season sad ending to this season and will built on it for the upcoming season.

I think that the movements that Edmonton did this summer are brilliant ones to secure the core of the team for the years to come. The credit should go to Gretzky and the management of the team. I believe that Edmonton is in the right direction as they are already one of the elite teams that are a Stanley Cup contender this year and next years to come.

Edmonton has a tough division but I think that with the departure of Patrick Marleau to Toronto has weakened San Jose and she is not the dominant team that she was last year. Anaheim and Calgary, in my opinion, will give them a fight and maybe also San Jose and Los Angeles. In my opinion, Edmonton is the best team in the division and should win the division or at least be second to Anaheim.

I believe that Edmonton has a team that can go all the way and wins the Stanley Cup and if not this year so in the next few years. They have an incredible roster of young players alongside some veterans and has a lot of depth and talent. They are my favorite team after Toronto, and I love to see this young team play and compete. I like to see them, and I think that with the securing of Connor Mcdavid and Draisaitl they will have great success in the next years and hopefully will also sign Ryan Nugent-Hopkins which will give them a great trio for years to come. I would love to see them win this season but if the won’t so hopefully, I will see them raise the Stanley Cup soon.

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