The Sedin Brothers

In this post, I would like to talk about the Sedin brothers who are amazing players that play in Vancouver.

The Sedin brothers are from Sweden, and they are fantastic players who are one of the best players in the NHL. All the years they played in Vancouver and reached a lot of achievements with the team. Which the highlight was in 2010 when the reached to the Stanley Cup and lost to Boston in seven games. I think that they have great skills and also modesty which in my opinion, is a significant quality that all the great players have. Also, they have this great strive to be the best players on the ice and to improve their game. I believe that they have fantastic orientation in the offensive zone and also in the defensive zone, they are excellent. I think that they are complete players and the best players that came out from Sweden which is becoming one of the best teams along with Canada, Russia, and the USA.

I admire in them the devotion and dedication to the game and to the success of the team. Also, their entire career was in Vancouver which is admirable, and you can rarely see this in the NHL. Also, they are leading in the scoring on the team in almost all of their career besides a couple of seasons. They are the best players in the team, and they are franchise players and also they said in interviews that they love to play in Vancouver and thinking of retiring in Vancouver. I was glad to hear that because I believe that they are fantastic players who will be in the Hall of Fame and they did a lot for Vancouver, and they are the face of Vancouver. 

In my opinion, they are the best duo that there is in the NHL and because they are brothers and played all the career together, they have amazing chemistry. They know how each other plays and they know how to find each other on the ice which translates to a lot of goals and scoring opportunities. I see a lot of times that in the offensive zone they generate scoring opportunities from nothing because they know where each other is on the ice at every second.

In conclusion, I think that they are incredible players and one of best duos that played this game. I believe that they have an amazing career and when they retire, they will rightfully go into the Hall of Fame. They don’t have a lot of seasons to play, and Vancouver should start the rebuilding process now. I believe that the Sedin would be great mentors for the young players and the team will only benefit from this. 

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