Mike Babcock

In this post, I would like to talk about Mike Babcock and what he is doing for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

When he came to Toronto three years ago with Lou Lamoriello which Brendan Shanahan hired both of them, he has one goal which is to return the maple leafs to be a contender and win the Stanley Cup. He wants to return Toronto to their glory days and make Toronto one of the elite team in the league.

As I watch Babcock performance off, and on the court, I am delighted. Also in the trade department, I think that he and Lou have made some great moves that help Toronto reach its goal to get back to the top of the league. I love to see how he push the players to excel and to maximize their potential. Always looking forward and honest with the fans about the team which I think that this feature is appreciated by the fans and by me. He preserves his composure on and off the ice and always talking straightforward and tells what he think.
Another quality that I admire in him beside his devotion to the game and his desire to win is his honesty and his ability to criticize the team. He will always tell the truth about the performance of the team no matter if Toronto wins or loose. If he thinks that they didn’t play to their potential, he will say it right away. He also will criticize his stars or compliment them depends on their performance. He doesn’t seem afraid to do changes in the line-up with his stars or any player like he did with Marner this year when he was in a slump and moved him down to the rotation. He did it although Marner is one of the best young talent and prospect stars of the team.

He has the respect of the players in the team and around the league. Marleau came to Toronto partly because of Babcock and also some other stars this year and Boyle last year. He is a very respectable coach and person around the league which helps Toronto recruiting players.

Also, what he did with team Canada that led them to four gold medals in the last five world championship tournaments that he coached them. He always knows how to push and get the players to maximize their potential and dominate the competitions. Canada has fantastic, talented players that in my opinion are the best in the world and Babcock knows how to get the best out of them every game. He knows to flatter and motivate them but also criticizes them when needed. Always looking ahead to the next opponent and what adjustment needs to make to give his team the best line-up to win. He acts like a true professional and talks only on team Canada and how they can improve their game all the time and be the best in the world.

In conclusion, I think that he and Lou are doing a fantastic job in getting Toronto back to the top of the league and to its glory years. You can see the results the last two years of the rebuilding that they started three years ago and still going. Hopefully, they will win the Stanley Cup in the next couple years, and it will end the drought that began in 1967 when they won their last Stanley Cup.
I think that his coaching abilities to make changes during and before the games and adjusting the line-up to the opponent is admirable. Also, his personality and professionalism is something that every young coach should take an example from him. In my opinion, he is a fantastic coach and person and one of the best top 3 coaches in the NHL.

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