Zach Hyman

In this post, I would like to talk about Zach Hyman who is a forward in Toronto Maple Leaf team.

He has impressive skills and abilities that he brings to the ice every game. His work ethics and not giving up on every play makes him an exceptional player. I think that he is one of the hardest worker players in the team which gives him a lot of respect from the coaching staff and commentators of the league.

He is an excellent player that usually plays on the same line as Matthew, and because of that, he is not noticeable.  He does all the small things that don’t show in the statics, and he is working hard every game and every shift. He doesn’t give up at the play and of the puck which leads to many steals and scoring chances for Matthew and the rest of the forward that he plays within the different line that Babcock puts him on.

I think that the best impact on the game should be if he will be on the same line as Matthew. I believe that with his and Matthew abilities they are the best fit to this line and if the will put Nylander so it will be a powerful and scary line which will make a lot of trouble to the opponent. In my opinion, it should be the first line of the offense of the team and it will only help the offense and will make it better.

I think that he is an underrated player in the NHL and I love to hear the commentators gives him credit for all his hard work that he does. In my opinion, he is an essential part of the Toronto franchise because he does all the small things that the offense needs and keep the opponent on their toes.  I also agree with all the commentators, and in my opinion, he is a fantastic player with incredible abilities.

He is a young player, and he has a lot of learning to do to get his game to the next level and to strengthen even more his place as one of the stars in Toronto. He is already one of the top four elite of the team in my opinion, and he can get better and become one of the superstars in the league. I love to watch him play and to see his effort that he puts every shift that he is on the ice.He is a fantastic player in defense and offense he has a significant part in Toronto success the last couple of years. I think that he is one of the elite and young talents that Toronto have and need to secure for the future.


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