The signings of John Taveres

In this post, I would like to talk about the signing of John Tavares.

I saw him in games that he played against Toronto and also in a couple of the Islanders games. I think that he is a fantastic player with great ability to shoot the puck accurately and with strength. I believe that he is a significant threat to the opposite team and he is a force to be reckoned in the NHL. He is a superstar in the league which led the Islanders in his playing season with them, and he is a hard worker, and always want to win.

He is a very talented hockey player and has a lot of experience that he can share with the young and gifted players in the Toronto organisation. He can guide them by example and give them insights into their game that could take their game to the next level.  I was reading some articles regarding his acclimation in the Toronto organisation and on the team, and I was happy to learn that he said that he was feeling great and excited. I also was pleased to read about his excellent chemistry with Matthew and believe that their collaboration will bring a lot of success to Toronto.

I think that his addition is giving Toronto a fantastic depth at the centre position and gives Babcock a lot of option in the offence. With him in the offence alongside Marleau, Matthew, Nylander or Marner, he is giving Toronto a fantastic offensive tool which will give their opponents trouble in matching their lines to them. Also, Tavares-Matthew-Kadri offers Toronto a great three lines centres which will make a lot of trouble for their opponents and in matching their lines. Even in the power play, Taveras gives Toronto another fantastic offensive tool that the opponent will need to match up to and will make them trouble. WIth him, on the team, the opponent always needs to consider who is on the ice an who is coming next and they can never let their guards down for a second. They will tire out the opponent which will result in a lot of scoring opportunities for him or for Matthew or the other players that will play with them on the ice.

In conclusion, he is a fantastic addition to the Toronto organisation in offence and in the experience aspect that he can bring to the team and especially to the young and gifted players. I think that he gives Babcock a lot of new options in the offence and an opportunity to make a lot of different and dangerous lines that will make a lot of trouble for the opposite team. I think that he will become a leader in the team and will help the young players to develop their game and take it to the next level. I loved to see this signing and this makes Toronto a fantastic and a great force in the league.


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