This blog I would like to write about Mitchell Marner which is an amazing rookie, he leads Toronto with Auston Matthews to an amazing season. He is also one if the amazing rookies in the team that only 19 years old and have amazing talent and potential. He has amazingRead More →

In this blog, I will talk about my passion for hockey that came from my father and was part of the Canadian tradition that I inherited from him. I grew up on Christmas and all the Canadian holidays and traditions. Hockey is a sport that I started to watch aroundRead More →

In this post I will talk about Connor McDavid who is a Canadian player in his second year that plays at Edmonton Oilers and is taking the league by storm. His numbers are amazing for a player in his second year and are leading in almost all categories. He isRead More →

I want to talk in this post about Sydney Crosby that in my opinion is the best player in Hockey today and is a Canadian, most of the analysts are comparing him to Wayne Gretzky that is the greatest player in Canada Hockey.   Crosby reached this a week aRead More →

This site is for sharing my insights and opinion of Canadian Hockey. I will talk about Canadian teams and players in the NHL and world tournaments. It is my true love and a significant part of my Canadian identity. I grow up on it at home, and My favorite teamsRead More →